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'K4' synthetic marijuana a legal but lethal new problem

Sold in 3-gram bags marked as 'potpourri'; drug has 4x potency of normal marijuana

By Earl Holland
The Daily Times

RHODESDALE, Md. — When Lou Ann Truitt received a call from her son Jonathan more than a week ago, it was not a standard one exchanging salutations. It was a call for help.

Truitt's 20-year-old son wasn't feeling well and had asked her to take him to the hospital. When she arrived, she noticed something very disturbing.

"He was in such a bad way," she said. "He couldn't stand up and his speech was slurred. He was saying he was going to kill himself and everything. He had taken a razor and used it on his arms and it left marks."

Full Story: K4 a legal but lethal new drug problem


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