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"More than a job. A calling": An accurate slogan?

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Editor's note: The theme of EMS Week this year is "More than a job. A calling." Don't forget to vote for our finalists in our contest!

Welcome to National EMS Week 2012. The theme this year is "EMS: More than a Job. A Calling." 


Some in the blogosphere have questioned the assumption of the tagline. I wonder aloud if it's really the case. For the folks who were around at the beginning of the industry, EMS did probably feel like a noble profession, providing a sense of purpose and unique satisfaction during the stage of massive development and change.

Does that continue today?

Here's an example: I have not referred to Johnny and Roy in my classroom for several years now. As a representation of the profession, the characters no longer have relevance to newer generations of EMS providers. But I am hard-pressed to find newer, more modern depictions of EMS that can ignite the imagination of my students. Somehow, Bringing Out the Dead doesn't quite make it.

Despite that, I personally do believe in the mission of EMS. I also am excited in the possibilities of its future. Yet my enthusiasm is tainted by the chronic issues that plague us.

Will we lift a finger to help ourselves? Surely we can't expect for others to do that for us. 

I'm interested to know what you think about EMS as more than a job. Take the quick survey and tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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