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New Yorkers, it's time to support CPR training in schools

Editor's note: An editorial published in the Albany Times-Union this week advocates for the state legislator to pass a bill requiring high school students to learn CPR, an idea that Art Hsieh can get behind.

Alright New York EMS Providers, here's your turn to help your communities improve their overall chances of survival from cardiac arrest and make your job that much better!

You know I am a strong advocate for EMS to strengthen the first links of the chain of survival — bystander CPR and AED use, along with early notification.

Science continues to demonstrate that if we are to save lives in the out of hospital arena, it will be in these two areas. Your phone call or email will make a difference to your Albany representatives; they are even more likely to respect your opinion since you are the expert residing in their districts.

If you have not done political advocacy before, it really doesn't take much effort or time. Simply state that you support the bill and the reasons why. If hundreds or even thousands of EMS providers make the call, it will have a profound effect on the folks you elect to represent you in state government.

New York has an opportunity to lead the nation in its ability to save lives from sudden cardiac arrest. Make the call today!

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