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Swim lessons save lives

Southwest Ambulance Co. recently announced that eight Arizona cities are participating in its ‘Pool Pack Swim Lesson Donation’ program aimed at teaching community children to swim.

Hats off to Southwest Ambulance service today. It's great to see how an EMS provider can engage its community beyond the response and transport mode.

Arizona is hot, and pools abound. Kids playing in pools....what's the likelihood?

Right — pretty high. Under most circumstances this results in a fun activity that creates those wonderful summertime memories.

But by the same token, tragedies occur under the same conditions, when pools are unattended or distractions abound.

Over the decades, site regulations such as gated entrances and lifeguards have helped to reduce the incidence of unintentional drowning. Surface disturbance detection systems also exist that warn when something enters the pool surface.

Southwest takes it one step further by using the teaching-the-fisherman-how-to-fish approach. This way, the participants walk away with a valuable life skill and won't have to depend upon external factors to prevent a risky situation from developing in the first place.

Summertime is right around the corner, and lord knows it's already pretty warm in different parts of the country.

Have you rehearsed for that stressful pediatric drowning situation? Now is a great opportunity to do so. Review your protocols, your airway techniques, and so forth, and be ready for the situation that hopefully never comes.

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