Kris Kaull, Kaull of Duty

Kaull of Duty

by Kris Kaull

Krisendath D. Kaull, B.S., NREMT-P, CCEMT-P, specializes in technology trends and their effect in Public Safety. As a paramedic and former firefighter, he has excellent opportunities to draw on his background in technology education, emphasizing public safety issues. During almost 15 years in both rural and urban fire and EMS settings, he has enhanced technology communications between field EMS providers and Emergency Departments, has provided expert content review of EMS/fire training materials, and has designed and maintained distance learning and delivery programs for EMS services. Kris holds a bachelor's degree in Technology Education with an emphasis in Public Safety and a minor in Spanish. He frequently lectures on EMS issues regionally and for Montana State University. Kris is a member of the EMS1 Editorial Advisory Board. You can contact him at

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