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In Public Safety is an American Military University (AMU) sponsored blog that features analysis and commentary on issues relating to emergency medical services, fire services, emergency management, law enforcement and national intelligence.

This blog features in-depth discussions authored by leading experts with decades of experience in their field.

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While our roots are in the military, American Military University’s student body is largely comprised not only of military personnel, but of those actively engaged in the fields of fire service, emergency management, law enforcement, intelligence and national security.

AMU has developed strategic relationships with key influencer organizations such as the International Association of Emergency Managers, FBI National Academy Associates, International Association of Chiefs of Police, International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts, and the American Correctional Officers not only to further its credibility within these professions, but to offer those who work within them useful information so they can be better prepared for advancement and leadership opportunities.

For more information concerning AMU educational offerings, including degree, certificate and leadership programs for emergency medical and fire service professionals, please reach out to Anthony Mangeri, AMU’s resource for the field, at

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