Mic Gunderson and Todd Hatley , EMS System Design

EMS System Design

by Mic Gunderson and Todd Hatley

Mic Gunderson has been involved in EMS for more than 30 years in managerial and clinical roles with third service, fire, private and military EMS systems, research teams, EMS medical direction groups, and as an educator/consultant. He has served on the boards of directors for several national EMS organizations and the editorial boards for several academic EMS journals, including Prehospital & Disaster Medicine, Prehospital Emergency Care, Journal of Emergency Dispatch, Emergencias Medicas and others. He has also served as an editor for several NAEMSP texts and is the editor/moderator of the NAEMSP Dialog listserv.

Mic now serves as the President of Integral Performance Solutions (IPS), specializing performance improvement, system/process design, and EMS system assessments. Mic is an adjunct faculty member for the University of Maryland. Among his previous positions, Mic was the National Director for Quality, Education and Research with Rural/Metro and served for many years as the Director of Research and Education with the Office of the Medical Director in the Pinellas County, Florida EMS system.

Before taking on the role of CEO at IPS, Todd Hatley was the Chief Operating Officer of HealthAnalytics. Prior to that, he was an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of North Carolina. Todd's formal education includes an Associate degree in EMS, Bachelors degree in Business Administration and dual Masters Degrees in Business Administration and Healthcare Administration.

Todd has been involved in numerous national EMS projects and organizations including service as the past-president of the National EMS Management Association; service on the National EMS Information Systems Taskforce; and as a faculty member for NHTSA. Todd is also involved in many non-EMS groups including the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, the North Carolina Industrial and Organizational Psychologists, the American Society for Quality.

Contact Mic at Mic.Gunderson@ems1.com.

Contact Todd at Todd.Hatley@ems1.com.

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