Crash protection: New bracket secures oxygen tanks

The ZICO QR-D-2 is a unique bracket designed to quickly secure oxygen tanks safely

The ZICO QR-D-2 from Ziamatic Corporation is a snap-in oxygen bottle bracket that solves a big storage problem for EMS. It quickly secures your portable oxygen cylinder. They have models for both vertical and horizontal storage.

Most existing cylinder holders reply on thumbscrews or a fabric strap to keep your portable bottle in place. They take two hands, are slow, rattle and frankly scare me. The three most dangerous things in the back of an ambulance in an accident are the defibrillator, portable cylinders, and suction unit. In an accident they all become deadly flying missiles. 

The most dangerous of these is the pressurized D or Jumbo D tank. It is hard, heavy, and if struck in the worst way actually accelerates under its own power after impact. Think unguided rocket ship in your lap.

We have long needed better ways to securely store small oxygen cylinders in a moving vehicle. I see the ZICO QR-D-2 as an elegant and practical solution. For a simple bottle holder it has some really advanced features. These design elements indicate that a lot of work went into the engineering.

First, to secure your cylinder you just set the tank base inside and then push back until it snaps in. The ZICO bracket has a positive spring loaded latch. You can do it one-handed and when it locks it, it locks in with real authority.

The steel "jaws" that holds the post valve are coated in plastic. The coating and heavy-duty spring tension holding the stem prevents any annoying rattles. It releases just as fast. You just press it towards the back plate and the clever mechanism squeezes the levers to open the latch.

The rugged stainless bracket has three mounting holes for crashworthy installation. It looks like it would be a pretty easy retrofit for existing vehicles too.

It can also be used to secure tanks with or without a regulator installed. They can be mounted alone or in pairs.

The QR-D-2 is third party tested to exceed current safety standards. Ambulance specification developers and fleet managers should consider the ZICO portable oxygen bracket. One of my oldest fears is a loose oxygen tank in the back during an ambulance accident. Locking them down just makes good common sense.

About the author

Dan White, EMT-P works for Intersurgical, Inc. as the National Account Manager for EMS. Immediately prior he ran Arasan, LLC. He served as Sales & Marketing Director for Truphatek, Inc. and before that Director of Corporate Planning & Product Development for AllMed. He has been certified as a paramedic since 1978 and an EMS and ACLS instructor since 1981. Dan has designed many emergency medical products since his first, the White Pulmonary Resuscitator, including the Prolite Speedboad, Cook Needle Decompression Kit and RapTag Triage System. His more recent EMS product designs are the Arasan Ultra EMS Coat and the B2 Paramedic Helmet. To contact Dan, email

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