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In our continued effort to bring you the most comprehensive coverage in the field of fire and rescue, EMS1.com's columnists cover a wide range of topics and areas of expertise.

Likewise, our Editorial Advisory Board is composed of some of the foremost experts in the EMS field who both steer our editorial coverage and share their wisdom with readers. It's part of our commitment to bring you the most comprehensive package of news, opinion, advice and instruction to help you become the best EMT, paramedic and leader possible.

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Columnists articles:

Featured Columnists

Calling a Code Green

by Ann Marie Farina

EMS News in Focus

by Arthur Hsieh

The Practical Medic

by Bob Sullivan

First in Fitness

by Bryan Fass

Making EMS Count

by Catherine R. Counts

Topics to move EMS Safety Forward

by Center for Patient Safety

Elements of Leadership

by Chris Cebollero

The EMS Classroom

by Dan Limmer

The Legal Guardian

by David Givot

ECG Guru

by Dawn B. Altman

EMS in Focus

by Dean Meenach

Tactical and Disaster Medicine

by Dr. David K. Tan

EMS Docs Responding

by EMS Physicians, Mercy Health System EMS

Paramedic Chief


The Leadership Edge

by Fitch & Associates

From the Editor

by Greg Friese, Editor-in-Chief

Inside EMS

by Inside EMS

White Shirts

by Jessie Senini

Tactical EMS

by Jim Morrissey

The Ambulance Driver's Perspective

by Kelly Grayson

The Research Review

by Kenny Navarro

Lights & Sirens

by Kevin Grange

Frequent Flyers

by Lenwood Brown III

EMS Test Success

by Limmer Creative

The EMS (r)Evolution

by Matt Zavadsky

Behind the Patient: Street Portraits

by Michael Morse

Drug Whys

by Mike McEvoy

EMS Pioneers

by Mike Rubin

Better EMS Performance

by Mike Taigman

Redesigning Volunteer EMS

by Nancy Magee

The Business of EMS

by Nathan Stanaway

EMS Legal Update

by Page, Wolfberg & Wirth

Paramedic Chief Digital Edition

by Paramedic Chief Staff

Sticking to the basics

by Patrick Lickiss

EMS Grants Help

by Rachel Stemerman

Editor's Note

by Rick Markley

Product News

by Robert Avsec

Rescue Digest

by Rom Duckworth

On Fire and EMS

by Sarah Calams,
Associate Editor

Patient Assessment Update

by Shawna Renga

The Art of EMS

by Steve Whitehead

Breaking the Silence

by The Code Green Campaign

Contributing Authors

In Public Safety

by American Military University

The EMS Contrarian

by Bryan E. Bledsoe

Emergency Response Portraits

by Daniel Sundahl

The Social Medic

by Dave Konig

EKG Clubhouse

by EKG Club

The Question

by EMS1 Community

Lifestyle & Off-Duty

by EMS1 Lifestyle Staff

Spotlight Series

by EMS1 Sponsors

EMS 101

by EMS1 Staff

How to Buy...

by EMS1 Staff

EMS Spotlight

by James J Augustine

PPE Update

by Jeffrey O. Stull

Fire-EMS Spotlight

by Jim Sideras

On EMS Leadership

by John Becknell

Violence against EMTs

by Kip Teitsort

Kaull of Duty

by Kris Kaull

Creating a Quality EMS Future

by Michael Gerber


by Mike McEvoy

Prehospital Professional Development

by Mike Touchstone


by Mike Ward



NAEMT Dispatches


Moving Paramedicine Forward

by Nicholas Miller

Ask the ER Doc

by Robert Donovan

Chief Concerns

by Skip Kirkwood

The Spoof

by The Spoof

EMS 12-Lead

by Tom Bouthillet

Uniform Stories

by Uniform Stories Staff

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