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5 ways to avoid being a flu statistic

As the general population is affected, so will us as EMS responders

Editor's note: With medics becoming tied up in a surge of flu calls, Editor in Chief Art Hsieh gives his thoughts below. 

Well, it's arrived. Being reported as the worst outbreak in over a decade, the flu is affecting thousands, if not millions of people nationwide.

It's no surprise that EMS systems are being inundated with calls for service. As the general population is affected, so will us as EMS responders.

Here’s a couple of quick reminders to try to avoid coming down with the flu yourself:

1. Get a flu shot. It's never too late and multiple studies show the effectiveness of being vaccinated.

2. If your patient shows any sign of the flu, don an appropriate mask in addition to your gloves and eyewear.

3. Wash, wash, wash your hands after every call — regardless of whether you were wearing gloves. Scrub thoroughly for at least 15 seconds, paying attention to your fingers, around any rings, and up the forearms. No water? Alcohol gels are a good substitute.

4. Stay rested and hydrated. Don't weaken your own immune system unnecessarily.

5. And please, if you are sick, stay home. No use getting someone else sick, like your patient or your partner. 

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