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Man saves cardiac arrest victim by falling on him

When the man tried to stop his friend from falling over, he accidentally fell on top of his chest, "jumpstarting" his heart

By Claire Bates
Daily Mail  

LANCASHIRE, England — A man who collapsed and 'died' at work had his life saved when his heart was literally jump-started by a friend who fell on him.

Father-of-two Kevin Brockbank, 54, keeled over after suffering a massive heart attack during a coffee break. Colleague Martin Amriding panicked and reached out to grab his friend of 35 years - but as Kevin slumped to the floor he was dragged down with him.

Engineer Martin, who weighs 15 stone, fell onto Kevin's chest - and the impact kick-started his heart. Paramedics raced to the scene and rushed Kevin to hospital - where doctors confirmed Martin's fall saved his life. Father-of-two Martin, of Preston, Lancashire, said: 'I saw Kevin was going to fall off his chair so I tried to catch him, but he pulled me right over the chair.

Full story: Man who had massive cardiac arrest saved by 15st work colleague who jump-started his heart by FALLING on him

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