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Colleagues save Tenn. EMT in cardiac arrest

Tyler Johnson, 24, was with another EMT when he suddenly became lightheaded and collapsed

MCMINN COUNTY, Tenn. — Colleagues have been credited for saving the life of an EMT who suffered a cardiac arrest while on the job.

WBIR.com reported that Tyler Johnson, 24, an EMT for AMR, was with another EMT at the station when he suddenly became lightheaded.

"I was working my normal 24-hour shift," Johnson said. "I had felt great all day. I started feeling dizzy and my partner asked me if I was OK. The last thing I remember was saying, 'No, no really,' and I went down."

Tyler Johnson (top right) and his family. (Courtesy photo)
Tyler Johnson (top right) and his family. (Courtesy photo)

Johnson had turned blue and his EMT partner, Ashley Bryan, grabbed him and started CPR.

"As I'm looking down at him and he's blue, I'm just thinking, this is not how it's supposed to end," Bryan said. "This is not what you're supposed to be and this is not how it's supposed to happen."

Johnson finally took a gasping breath and remembered waking up on the stretcher on the way to the hospital. Doctors said several major vessels in his heart were 70 to 100 percent blocked. He underwent a quadruple bypass emergency surgery. He's currently recovering at home.

"(The paramedic team) did an awesome job," Johnson said. "It's different when it's one of your own. I'm just so thankful."

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