Idaho dispatcher awarded for helping woman who crashed car in lake

Talina Moyer was awarded Call of the Week by an international organization after instructing a woman how to get out of her car as it was sinking into water

By EMS1 Staff

COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho — A dispatcher was awarded by an international organization for helping a woman who had crashed her car into a lake.

KTVB reported that 12-year veteran dispatcher Talina Moyer received the Call of the Week award after helping a 63-year-old woman escape her car that had crashed into the lake when she became drowsy.

"Water is coming into my car,” the caller said when she dialed 911.

"Oh God, I'm sending help. Stay on the line, I'll tell you what to do next,” Moyer responded.

Moyer then instructed the woman to exit her car through the rear window.

"Roll that window all the way down,” Moyer told the caller. “Get out of the vehicle now and swim to the nearest shore.”

Responders were able to reach the driver, and Moyer said the real reward was helping the woman by remembering her training.

"You get that one call, just like hers. And it reminds me that I like what I do and I love what I do, and it does keep me coming back,” Moyer said. "You have to remember that you're there for the person that needs help.”


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