How would your EMS agency spend the $1.5B Powerball jackpot?

There are many ways EMS could be improved with a budget of $1.5 billion; check out our readers' ideas

After nobody won Saturday's Powerball jackpot, the prize rose to a record-breaking $1.5 billion, or $930 million in cash.

Our editor-in-chief Greg Friese and columnist Kelly Grayson suggested ways they would improve EMS if they won that amount of money. Then we asked our readers how would they spend the Powerball earnings if their organization won the jackpot. Here are some of their responses.

Add your suggestions in the comment section in if you haven't already!

1. "Access to high-fidelity training simulation. EMS can use more realistic, hands-on training to hone our critical decision thinking skills." — Kris Kaull

2. "Bring EMS into the 21st century as a profession. Diploma/associate degrees for basics, bachelor's degrees/masters/doctorates for paramedics and specialised paramedics. These qualifications should be designed with the major subject as emergency medical care." — Barry Barling

3. "I would put it toward scholarships and research." — Rob Theriault

4. "Power lift for all!" — Scott E Mc

5. "I'd start a support fund for EMTs and paramedics working for private companies. There are too many of us one injury away from being able to care for our families." — Christie Tumey Layton

6. "Establish paramedic fast response units in rural areas to work with communities that have only BLS units when needed." — Robert B. Reno

7. "Fund a place just for EMS workers with PTSD ... so they have a safe haven to relax and talk to counselors and co-workers going through the same stuff. So no one is left behind." — Dorothy Gustkey

8. "Update equipment and remodel of our base!" — Jen Godown Brandes

9. "Could hire fleet of taxis and implement community paramedicine to get rid of non-emergency calls." — Kevin Robinshaw

10. "Get every squad a Lucas." — Kelle Walker Brott

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