Paramedic injured in knife attack at hospital, suspect arrested

Danny Jay Williamson was charged with second-degree battery after allegedly cutting a paramedic with a knife at a Little Rock hospital

By EMS1 Staff

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A man was taken into custody after allegedly slashing a paramedic with a knife while being treated.

The Sentinel Record reported that Danny Jay Williamson was assigned a room and waiting to be seen at CHI St. Vincent Hot Springs hospital, his seventh time in a 24-hour period, when a paramedic walked by and noticed him attempting to use a computer in the room.

The paramedic, Lisa Glaze, approached Williamson and told him patients were not allowed to use hospital computers. Williamson allegedly told Glaze it had been left on and he was "only trying to help staff by logging out of the computer."

Garland County Sheriff’s Investigator Kenny Ford told the Sentinel Record he was working off-duty at the time, waiting for Williamson to be medically assessed, when Glaze came out of the room and told him Williamson had stabbed her with a knife.

Ford and another police officer went into the room to investigate, where Williamson told the officers he had a shard of glass. While searching for the glass, the officers noticed a knife on the floor of the room, and Williamson was later charged with second-degree battery after being released from the hospital.

Glaze suffered two lacerations near her wrist where she said Williamson allegedly grabbed her and began slicing at her arms.

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