Could 'Livin' the Dream' be the best EMS smartphone app in history?

New app awards various awards points and badges for activities

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HEDDA HARE, Calif. — Livin' the Dream, an app that brings social gaming to system status management, has been launched by N2OApps, LLC.

The app is available for free for Android and iOS devices. "Our aim was to help the medic on the street track their on shift activities, as well as compete with other medics in their system and beyond," stated N2OApps, LLC CEO Wink Martindale.

Livin' the Dream awards points and badges for activities like:

Caffeine On Board: A medic simply enters their beverage and its size and the app automatically totals the caffeine intake. Helpful reminders can be set to trigger the next coffee or energy drink stop before you are in the doldrums. Consume more than 200 mg before noon to earn the "I'm BUZZING" badge.

X Marks the Post: A single tap adds each posting location to a daily total. Five or more posting locations in a single shift are rewarded with the "I'm WANDERING" badge.

On the Road Again: Medics that enable GPS tracking earn a point for each mile driven between posting locations. Points double for switching posting locations without a patient contact in between. Travel between four or more posting locations without a patient and points triple. Drive more than 200 miles around your service area to earn the "I'm TRUCKING" badge.

EMS Room Rater: "Our app features the largest directory of EMS rooms at hospitals in North America. User ratings of the available food and beverages help paramedics pick the best destination for their patients," gushed CFO Monty Hall. "No longer will it be a mystery for medics about what is behind door #2."

Tag your Rivals: One of the most unique features of Livin' the Dream is the ability to photograph and tag rival ambulances with virtual graffiti. Users can select from pre-loaded phrases, like "Geezer on Board", "You Call, We Haul", or "Home of the Grim Reaper" or write their own quips to virtually bash their competition. Immediately post photos to Twitter, Google+, or Facebook with the hashtag #AprilFoolin.'

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