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Intersection Safety: Good to be lucky and lucky to be good

We waited patiently at the traffic light-controlled intersection. The light turned green and gave us a left turn arrow. Before turning left, my partner — the driver — looked left down the cross street one more time. I looked with him; just in time to see a brown sedan streaking across the intersection. If my partner had gone when the arrow changed without taking a second look, the sedan would have impacted the driver’s side of the ambulance.

I have often heard the saying, “It is good to be lucky and it is lucky to be good.”

My partner is an outstanding emergency vehicle driver. His attentive driving and mistrust for other drivers kept us out of the intersection and out of an unlucky situation.

Do these good things to be lucky:

  1. Always wear your seatbelt.
  2. Never trust or assume other drivers will do what you expect them to do.
  3. Drive with due regard for others at all times.
  4. Minimize use of lights and sirens.
  5. Secure equipment, responders and patients.

Use the comments area to share your good practices for intersection safety to stay lucky as an ambulance passenger and driver.

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