Couple converts old ambulance into ski trip rig

Kim and Dave Klopper bought the decommissioned ambulance off of Craigslist and converted it into a rig they’ve been traveling in for 14 months

By EMS1 Staff

PARK CITY, Utah — A couple has hit the road on a skiing excursion after buying a decommissioned ambulance and converting it into a travel rig. reported that Kim and Dave Klopper bought the ambulance off of Craigslist after realizing that a van would be too costly. The couple removed 600 pounds of electrical wiring, created a pantry and closet out of the medical supply cabinets and now uses the hose storage as their ski locker.

“Ambulances … are meant to get places. They're built like a brick sh--house and everything you're going to need to build it out -- cabinetry, electrical, insulation -- is already inside,” Kim said.

Kim said that while they do not have sirens and flashing lights, people still tend to pull over while they drive by.

Kim, who is a real estate agent and Dave, who is a sales rep, managed to keep their jobs while they travel around with their two dogs in their new ambulance home. They’ve been on the road for the past 14 months.


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