Former MLB pitcher raises money to give ambulance to Haiti

Former Cardinals pitcher Kyle McClellan’s nonprofit organization was gifted an ambulance for a Haitian orphanage, but they need $7,500 to ship it overseas

By EMS1 Staff

MARINE, Ill. — A former MLB pitcher is raising money to send an ambulance to Haiti through his nonprofit organization.

KPLR reported that former Cardinals pitcher Kyle McClellan and his wife created Brace for Impact 46, a nonprofit organization, after he and Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright visited Haiti in 2014.

“We went to Haiti to have an impact on the kids, but what we realized is that it had a bigger impact on us,” McClellan said. “So that’s what Brace for Impact is; to prepare yourself for the work we’re going to do and impacts we're going to do and the impact it’s going to make on you as well.”

The nonprofit was recently given an ambulance to send to Haiti, but $7,500 is needed to send the ambulance overseas. To donate, click here.

“Now they can serve the community with medical supplies and medicine and go out to the people that have never received medical treatment before and start to serve those people,” McClellan said.


***BIG NEWS*** Check out this video and think of how big of an IMPACT this will make!

Posted by Brace For Impact 46 on Friday, November 10, 2017

If you saw our video yesterday you know that we recently had an Ambulance donated to us that we are wanting to send to...

Posted by Brace For Impact 46 on Saturday, November 11, 2017


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