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Man questions $310 bill for not using ambulance transport

The family of John Herndon called for help when he fell, and was charged even though he was not taken to the hospital

By EMS1 Staff

CASEYVILLE, Ill. — A man received a $310 ambulance bill after calling for help but not needing to be transported to the hospital.

FOX40 reported that John Herndon, who uses an oxygen tank, fell down the stairs, prompting his family to call the fire department.

“I just needed somebody to get me up, that’s what I needed,” Herndon said. “The oxygen popped off and not having the oxygen, I panicked, everyone panicked.”

Herndon said his daughter, Shawna, could not help him because of her bad back and knee. She asked for someone to help get him up, as well as an ambulance, just in case.

An EMS crew arrived to help and left soon after helping him up and bandaging a small cut on his hand.

“Everyone left, I thanked everybody, everything else, that was it,” Herndon said.

Herndon received a bill several weeks later for $310 for “partial trans no-go.”

“To charge me this one time, when I didn’t go to the hospital and I didn’t need to go to the hospital?” Herndon said.

The family said they were not informed beforehand that they would be charged for not using the ambulance.

Herndon, who is a retired police officer, said he is baffled by the situation.

“If you call me as a police officer at your house because you have someone prowling around, I go out and check it and don’t find anybody, do I get to charge you? Would that be a false call?” Herndon said.

Herndon added that he thought the amount of the bill was too high.

“If it had been $50, I would have paid it and not even questioned it,” Herndon said.


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