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Top 10 best slogans for ambulances

Our Facebook fans got creative in coming up with messages for the back of their vehicles

This photo we came across while surfing the Web brought a smile to our face, so we had to share on our Facebook page.

We asked our fans to tell us what slogan they'd like to see on the back of their ambulance.

Here's some of the best selections — be sure to add your own ideas to the member comments section.

Photo imgur

 "Nobody calls us cause they did something smart!" — Tim Stedge

 "Business is good" — Chris Gill

 "You call, we haul..no job too big or small" — Billy Davidson

 "We are not equipped to treat stupidity" — Ben Dormer

 "Keep back 200 ft. or Eat My Bumper!" — Annette Brennan Witoshynsky

 "No appointment necessary" — Dustin Millis

  "This ambulance saves 20 taxis every day" — Brian Wall

 "If you're back here being gross then I am dropping you off wherever I feel like" — Kuklinski TheAwkwardartist

 "Don't call us. We'll call you" — John Vo

 "Not. A. Taxi" — Jackie Garner

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