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Top 10 EMS stories of 2012

Join us as we look back on the most read, commented and shared articles on EMS1 over the past 12 months

Over the course of any given year, EMS1 posts hundreds of news stories that cover EMS issues, amazing saves, off-beat tales, labor disputes and breaking events.

We went through our archives and stats from the past 12 months to bring a selection of stories that feature among the most viewed, commented and shared articles of 2012. 

1. FDNY to test yellow cab EMS model to shorten response time

EMS1's most viewed news story of the year turned out not to be "news" at all; well, at least not real news. Our special April Fool's eNewsletter proved a big hit, with our report on FDNY EMS planning to train hundreds of city cab drivers in basic first aid and CPR and outfit their vehicles with GPS and an AED among the highlights. 

2. Porn star turned EMT could be in trouble over racy past

A volunteer EMT trainee's previous career as a porn star attracted the attention of senior officials in Va. in July. Harmony Rose (born Tracy Rolan), 29, who appeared in more than 200 pornographic films between 2004 and 2010, began training with the Cave Spring Rescue Squad in Roanoke, Va. to become a responder. 


3. Trainee medic bruised in training gets lifetime disability pay

At 40, Barbara S. Lawson entered the Chicago Fire Department academy, planning to become a paramedic.Two months into her training, she bruised her leg at the academy while walking backward down a flight of stairs and carrying a table with another paramedic. She made the headlines when she put in a claim for lifetime disability pay and won. 


4. Paramedics who "hid" broke law, Canada inquest told

Two Toronto paramedics who waited for police and delayed responding to a 911 call about a man who collapsed of a heart attack were breaking provincial law, an inquest was told in March.


5. $117M awarded to La. woman hurt in ambulance crash while pregnant

A Louisiana state court jury awarded a $117 million verdict to a Plaquemine woman who was severely injured in a 2010 accident while riding in an ambulance that crashed into the back of a sugar cane truck near Brusly in August.


6. EMS ranks among most sleep-deprived occupations in US

A survey in February outlined the jobs where workers report the shortest sleep time. The Shortest-Sleep Jobs list was based on an independent analysis of individual sleep habits as reported in the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS). 


7. Video: SUV crashes into fire truck on live TV

Video showed an SUV crashing into a fire truck on live TV in November. KPRC's traffic reporter Jennifer Reyna was giving a live traffic update explaining that fire crews were leaving the scene of an earlier accident, when the crash occurred.


8. Ambulance gets 'booted' while medics tend to emergency

An ambulance was booted in November while medics were tending to a man with chest pains inside a convenience store. New Orleans EMS spokesman Jeb Tate said the paramedics only realized the restrictive parking boot had been placed on their ambulance when they tried to transport the patient.


9. Dramatic surveillance video shows shooting outside Empire State Building

Footage showed gunman Jeffrey Johnson's last moments after fatally shooting an ex-colleague outside the Empire State Building in August.

A police officer in Virginia Beach faced charges of stabbing two firefighters at the scene of a car wreck in March. Bradley Colas, 23, was charged with two counts of malicious wounding of an emergency medical care provider after crashing his Honda into a tree.


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