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Driver shoots at Memphis ambulance in road rage attack

The man pulled up alongside the ambulance brandishing a pistol and firing at least one shot

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Police say a man shot an ambulance while they were both driving down an interstate highway.

No one was hurt in the Wednesday morning shooting, according to WREG.

Two EMTs were on their way to pick up a patient when they noticed a car swerving in and out of lanes. The EMTs tried to create room for the car to pass.

The driver then pulled up alongside the driver's side of the ambulance and gestured angrily at the EMTs. They thought they may have accidentally cut off the driver and tried to apologize when the driver pulled out a black automatic pistol and pointed it at the EMTs.

To avoid the man, the EMTs changed lanes, but the driver pulled up to the passenger side of the ambulance and shot at least one shot, missing the vehicle.

The driver then exited from the highway. Police are still searching for the driver.

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