3 top questions about EMS grants

Learn how grant funding can help meet the challenge every EMS agency is facing

Funding is the common challenge facing EMS agencies across the United States. Very quickly most conversations about funding turn to EMS grants. Here are the top three questions asked about grants for EMS agencies.

1. How do I get started? 
The idea of grant writing or bringing your agency through the process can seem overwhelming and daunting. It is unknown territory for most EMS agencies and an added responsibility for most overburdened EMS administrations. The simplest way to get started is to get your agency grant ready by learning the grants lifecycle and gathering documentation.

These are the stages in the Grants Lifecycle.

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About the author

Rachel Stemerman is currently the Quality Assurance Officer for Orange County Emergency Services in North Carolina. She attained her Bachelor of Arts from Wesleyan University and has been freelance grant writing for both the non profit sector and EMS agencies around the country for the past 6 years. While working with EMSGrantsHelp.com Rachel has helped agencies all over the country attain funding for various projects. Currently she is in the process of attaining her Masters in Public Health Policy and Administration Management from the University of North Carolina.

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