Grant success case study: Maximize ROI for the grant-maker

Funding a grant application is an investment that grant-makers seek to maximize the benefit to the agency and the community

Like most paramedics, I grasp and learn new concepts best when I am given real-life examples. This is no different when learning the craft of successful grant writing. How did an agency write a successful grant application?

Here are examples of EMS agencies and lessons to learn from their successes and failures.

All projects are not created equal
One of the largest challenges facing EMS agencies in the U.S. is shrinking tax-based operating budgets and decreasing revenues from payers while providing the highest level of prehospital care. This often forces the question what does the agency need funded vs. what can the agency fund from its budget allocations and revenue? However, for application reviewers all projects are not created equal.

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About the author

Rachel Stemerman is currently the Quality Assurance Officer for Orange County Emergency Services in North Carolina. She attained her Bachelor of Arts from Wesleyan University and has been freelance grant writing for both the non profit sector and EMS agencies around the country for the past 6 years. While working with Rachel has helped agencies all over the country attain funding for various projects. Currently she is in the process of attaining her Masters in Public Health Policy and Administration Management from the University of North Carolina.

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