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Doctors reattach toddler's head after internal decapitation
Tuesday, October 06, 2015 06:40 PM Pacific
A head-on car accident broke the toddler’s C1 and C2 vertebrae and his collarbone.
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Responders rescue man swept away by flood
Monday, October 05, 2015 09:07 PM Pacific
Emergency responders rescue a man whose pickup was swept away by the flood waters.
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Nightwatch season 2 preview
Monday, October 05, 2015 08:50 PM Pacific
The second season of Nightwatch, the show that follows New Orleans emergency responders working the overnight shift, premieres Nov. 5. Watch the preview!
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Oregon shooting: Fire chief describes response and patient triage
Sunday, October 04, 2015 01:57 PM Pacific
Chief Marlar confirms 2 of the victims related to fire department personnel; Treven Anspach, 20, son of firefighter Justin Anspachm, and Rebeka Ann Carnes, 18, niece of paramedic Brian McFaddin, were killed
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UK medics describe response to Nepal earthquake
Friday, October 02, 2015 08:46 PM Pacific
Watch this report to see how these compassionate paramedics went to Nepal to help assist with the emergency response in the aftermath of the 2015 earthquake.
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SloMo surgical cricothyrotomy performed in 5 steps
Friday, October 02, 2015 08:42 PM Pacific
The video describes and demonstrates how to perform a surgical cricothyrotomy in five easy steps with minimal equipment.
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Ore. medic student saw gunman, heard gunshots
Friday, October 02, 2015 02:30 PM Pacific
Kenny Ungerman, a Navy veteran in his first year in the school's medic program, said he was talking to a National Guard recruiter outside when they heard a gunshot
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BREAKING: 13 dead, 20 hurt in Oregon shooting
Thursday, October 01, 2015 06:38 PM Pacific
Authorities say the said the gunman was killed in an exchange of gunfire with officers.
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How not to lose a patient because of communication errors
Wednesday, September 30, 2015 09:36 PM Pacific
Rules to follow and habits to build to be ready for mission-critical communications.
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Tourniquet application training for EMS
Wednesday, September 30, 2015 09:29 PM Pacific
Learn how to use the four types of commercial tourniquets for the control of severe extremity bleeding.
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FF sprints to ambulance carrying child found in burning home
Wednesday, September 30, 2015 07:11 PM Pacific
Two children were home alone when they were found hiding while their house was on fire.
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Chicago police transports baby to hospital when ambulance not close enough
Wednesday, September 30, 2015 05:12 PM Pacific
The baby was shot in a drive-by shooting that killed his mother, grandmother and injured two others.
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