EMS1 Photo Reports

Tyler Johnson, 24, was with another EMT when he suddenly became lightheaded and collapsed. (Courtesy photo)
Joe Barr, 31, died of colon cancer on April 16; he was remembered as a great friend and hilarious guy. (Courtesy photo)
Michael Sacha, the singer's personal assistant, was killed in an ATV crash; the dispatcher has since received criticism for not sending an ambulance fast enough.
One woman and two men were inside the plane and have been reported in critical condition.
Isabella Wu, 2, was returning with her mother and sister to their apartment when she was struck near a hospital's ambulance entrance. (Courtesy photo)

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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Line-Of-Duty Deaths

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If the leaders of an EMS agency have failed to prepare personnel for an active shooter response, they need...

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