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The season of 'cheer' is hard on alcoholics
How to build your own survival kit
December 26, 2013
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9 dead, thousands in dark after 'crazy ice storm' Ambo co. takes patients home for holidays FF responds to daughter's fatal Christmas Eve wreck
Today's Top Stories:
Calif. woman jailed for calling 911 more than 400 times: Each time she was helped, medics found no medical issues
Fla. medic follows driver who nearly crashed into ambulance: Medic was nearly hit by reckless driver on Christmas morning
La. EMS receives new special operations truck: Truck is designed to be able to handle several victims at any scene
Sick girl, who heard Christmas carols as last wish, dies
4 injured in shootings, stabbing in Md.
Report: Safety doesn't get the holidays off
Injured Ind. medic overwhelmed by support from colleagues
Custody fight ends in father-son murder-suicide from 52nd floor
Video: Woman that lost 3 limbs after bitten by dog returns home
News Analysis:
Facebooking your life has drawbacks
By Art Hsieh, EMS1 Editor in Chief
Lesson for today: If you live out your life in social media, learn to keep your virtual mouth shut. A medic who was suspended after posting "inappropriate and unprofessional" information on Facebook reminds us of a pretty simple idea: use common sense when posting on social media. But it seems to elude many of us on a daily basis. Keep these rules in mind
Behind the Patient: Street Portraits
The season of 'cheer' is hard on alcoholics
By Michael Morse, EMS1 Columnist
Our good friend Ethyl Alcohol is ready to infiltrate the body and spirit of those who suffer from alcoholism, making their lives a mix of joy and despair. The holiday season amplifies the need to imbibe and pushes away the urge to resist. How you can help
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EMS1 Exclusive
How to build your own survival kit
 Being prepared is critically important when you don't know what you will encounter on any given EMS scene. Watch the video
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Tactical EMS
What’s in your tactical medical kit?
By Jim Morrissey, EMS1 Columnist
Are you a minimalist, or an "I better have everything" type of person when it comes to building a tactical medical kit? Keep these tips in mind to ensure you're ready for any scenario. 11 must-haves
EMS1 Video
Morphine missing from Tenn. EMS
Police in Tennessee are investigating the disappearance of the highly controlled substance.
Doctors consider new approach to active shooter incidents
Top trauma surgeons put together a think-tank in order to rethink active shooter incident response.
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