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How to control the spread of MRSA
Video: Rewarming hypothermic patients
December 5, 2013
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911 tapes of Sandy Hook shooting released Former West medic sentenced to prison Train brake malfunction sends 9 to hospital
Today's Top Stories:
Fla. pilots 'overwhelmed' before medical plane crash: Probe showed pilots were overwhelmed or distracted to navigate
Injured patient's family questions ambulance's speed before rollover: Patient suffered a knee injury, bruising
DC fire chief touts medic hiring at hearing: Councilmember not convinced dept. has handle on personnel problems
Man who stole ambulance while on PCP pleads guilty
Ind. man accused of assaulting medics, cop
1 child dead, at least 4 injured in Idaho school bus crash
2 skydivers killed, 1 injured after midair collision
Baby found, resuscitated after Okla. car chase
Woman found stabbed to death left warning post on Facebook
News Analysis:
Sick? It’ll cost you
By Art Hsieh, EMS1 Editor in Chief
Please, no crying over the high cost of EMS transport. Even in volunteer organizations, there is a cost to provide medical transport — station maintenance, vehicle upkeep and replacement, medical equipment; even if the department members volunteer all of their time and even spend their own money (I know many of you do), it costs more than all of that to perform the service. Dates back to 1970s
The Ambulance Driver's Perspective
How to control the spread of MRSA
By Kelly Grayson, EMS1 Columnist
Like any infectious pathogen, the key to controlling MRSA is in limiting its spread. EMS providers should be able to recognize the signs and symptoms; practice good personal hygiene; and thoroughly decontaminate the space. Limiting risks
Stop the Bleeding
The iTClamp™ is the new solution to severe hemorrhage – a leading cause of death in traumatic injury – by controlling bleeding in seconds. The device seals the skin closed and forms a stable clot until the wound is repaired. The iTClamp™ 50 is currently for sale in the US, Europe and Canada.
Learn more about the iTClamp
Remember 2 Things
It's cold outside: Rewarming hypothermic patients
 Steve Whitehead explains how to rewarm the mild to moderately hypothermic patient. Watch the video
Budget Busting Toughbook Deals
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EMS1 Exclusive
Experts: Where capnography is headed
By EMS1 Staff
The use of waveform capnography continues to expand across the EMS market. We sat down with some leading EMS manufacturers to see what they saw for waveform capnography in the future. Measuring effectiveness
EMS1 Video
Paramedics making house calls
A Minn. health care provider is testing a new program to reduce ER admissions: making house calls.
Teenage coma patient awake after 4 months
A teenage coma patient defied the odds and woke up after four months spent unconscious in a hospital.
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