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XTS Series Antenna Speaker Microphone from OTTO

For Immediate Release - December 3, 2003

XTS3000/3500/3500/5000 Antenna Speaker Microphone Now Available from OTTO Communications

XTS3000 Microphone from OTTO Communications
OTTO Communications announces the new Motorola XTS Series Evolution Antenna Speaker Microphone. OTTO has developed a unique design to achieve RF connection through the radio's UDC. RF for the antenna is brought through a cable which comes out of the top of the UDC with an SMA connector. The unit is sealed to withstand MIL-STD 810, has an adjustable high-low volume control, clothing spring clip which can be positioned 360 degrees and a 2.5mm earphone jack for optional earphone accessories. This unit is ideal for public safety markets (police, fire and EMT services), maritime law enforcement and any other environment with harsh conditions.

OTTO Communications designs and manufactures a full line of two-way radio accessories for the most demanding applications including public safety, fire, police, security, surveillance, hospitality and industrial markets. OTTO provides a full line of accessories including surveillance kits, lightweight and heavy-duty headsets, remote speaker microphones, skull and throat microphones and racing communications equipment. OTTO Communications supports a wide range of radio platforms providing accessories to most major two-way radios.

OTTO Communications

OTTO Communications
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