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Prove It: Oxygen therapy improves outcomes following AMI

- 02/06/2016

Medic 12 and Engine 46 receive a report of chest pain on the 12th floor of a local office building. Engine 46 arrives on the scene first and finds a 42-year-old male sitting at his desk. The ...

Former Iowa fire chief dies of heart attack

- 02/01/2016

DUBUQUE, Iowa — A former fire chief died of an apparent heart attack Sunday morning. THOnline.com reported that Tom Hancock, 67, formerly with the Epworth Fire Department, spent eight ...

LODD: NJ EMT dies after responding to daughter's car crash

- 01/19/2016

BYRAM, N.J. — Eskil "Scott" Danielson, a 35-year member of the Lakeland Ambulance Squad, died of a heart attack Saturday shortly after assisting his daughter who was injured in ...

Heart attack patient dies after DC firefighters respond to wrong scene

- 01/06/2016

WASHINGTON — A man suffering a heart attack died Sunday after D.C. firefighters stopped at the wrong location and returned to their station. The Washington Post reported that Albert ...

Chicago marathon runner shocked, saved by medics

- 10/12/2015

By Rosemary Regina Sobol Chicago Tribune CHICAGO — A runner in his 60s suffered an apparent heart attack along the route of the Chicago Marathon on Sunday morning on the North Side, ...

LODD: Minn. FF/Paramedic collapses in station, fatal heart attack

- 09/01/2015

Shane Clifton, 38, of the Saint Paul Fire Department said he wasn't feeling well after exercising; he was treated by his colleagues and at the hospital

LODD: Minn. FF/Paramedic collapses in station, fatal heart attack

- 09/01/2015

By Jaime DeLage Pioneer Press St. Paul, Minn. — A St. Paul firefighter died of a heart attack Monday evening after collapsing at his Merriam Park firehouse, the first loss of a city ...

4 Pa. EMS services awarded for cardiac care

- 08/21/2015

By Holly Herman Reading Eagle BERKS COUNTY, Pa. — Four Berks County emergency medical services were honored Thursday for being among the best in the country at saving the lives of people ...

Man dies after apartment manager refuses EMS access to unit

- 08/14/2015

Emergency crews used a sledgehammer to break into a unit for a man whose daughter called 911 after the apartment manager refused to hand over a key

Man dies after apartment manager refuses EMS access to unit

- 08/14/2015

COLUMBIA, S.C. — A St. Matthews woman is outraged after she said a Columbia apartment complex refused to allow her, EMS, or police inside of her father's home after she said the property ...

Medics honored, thanked by heart attack victim they revived

- 05/15/2015

By Lori Caldwell Post-Tribune GARY, Ind. — Jerome Varlow joined the Gary Fire Departments medics Wednesday for a luncheon recognizing the work they do every day. But it was one particular ...

Study: Calling 911 for heart attacks in rural areas leads to faster care

- 05/04/2015

BALTIMORE — An American Heart Association (AHA) study shows that heart attack patients in rural areas who call 911 receive care faster than heart attack patients who get to the hospital ...

Medic saves police officer who suffered heart attack

- 04/29/2015

KDKA PITTSBURGH — Paramedic Rich Jones arrived early for his shift at the West End station last Wednesday. The first thing he heard was the scanner. “I sat down,” he recalls, ...

Medic saves police officer who suffered heart attack

- 04/29/2015

He arrived early for his shift, and hurried to the nearby police station after hearing heard reports over the scanner of a medical emergency

Pa. doctor saves man from heart attack on ski slope

- 04/13/2015

By Daniel Walmer The Sentinel CARLISLE, Pa. — Juliusz Nitecki, a doctor specializing in internal medicine at Carlisle Regional Medical Center, went to Whitetail Resort in Mercersburg ...

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