Quadriplegic survives after stranded 24 hours in snowy mountainside

The man used his wheelchair as a walker and four hours later found a phone and dialed 911


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — An incredible story of survival for a quadriplegic man in Colorado, stranded for 24 hours in the snowy mountain side.

As FOX's Hendrik Sybrandy report his strength kept him alive walking and crawling for hours to get help. This past Wednesday, Matt Gypin drove deep into Colorado's mountains to take a photo for the calendar he gives his mom  each Christmas near Sylvan State Park in Eagle County, His jeep drove into trouble.

"The road is really narrow so I went off the road into the deep snow pockets on the mountain side and got completely stuck," Gypin said. Gypin's cell phone had no service, not a soul was around. "I didn't think I could walk out of there and I was just like well I'm at the mercy of chance so please somebody come by and find me. It was really scary, it was freezing cold ," Gypin said.

Full story: Quadriplegic Survives After Stranded 24 Hours In Snowy Mountainside

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