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December 11, 2013

Video: Firefighters, medics rescue woman glued to toilet seat

Her sister took video as paramedics worked to free her; crews ultimately decided to use WD-40 to free her


ATLANTA, Ga. — A north Georgia woman says she wants answers after an apparent prank in a restroom left her with serious injuries. 

Channel 2's Tony Thomas spoke Monday with the woman, who wants answers from not only the store where it happened, butwhomever put glue on the top of the toilet seat lids.  Twelve days after the incident, Illyanna De La Keur says she remains couch-bound. She told Thomas not only were the injuries she suffered painful enough, she's also very embarrassed.

"I'm a grown woman who can't even sit up," De La Keur said. "I was stuck probably over an hour." De La Keur went to a Banks County Home Depot the day before Thanksgiving with her sister and brother-in-law. 

Full story: Video shows woman glued to Home Depot toilet seat

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Mike Reid Mike Reid Wednesday, December 11, 2013 7:05:56 PM omg, the stupid ass is probably going to sue the paramedics.
Chris Wilkie Chris Wilkie Wednesday, December 11, 2013 7:07:07 PM Several points: 1. Who sits on a public toilet seat without making sure it is clean first (including DRY)? 2. She is embarrassed, but she released the video to the news and granted an interview from home. 3. Other news reports had an interview with a Fire/EMS PIO who stated the on scene crew was in contact with medical control and following the orders given. 4. Could this be an insurance scam?
Tommy Varebrook Tommy Varebrook Wednesday, December 11, 2013 7:19:57 PM Oh come on.. the one women says she doesn't think they should have "conduct an experiment," but rather have taken the lady to the ER so doctors could remove it?! I'm fairly certain asses glued to a toilet seat didn't make it in the Med School curriculum, nor is it in the PDR.
Mike Racine-Frisone Mike Racine-Frisone Wednesday, December 11, 2013 7:58:04 PM That really chaps my ass
Dan Black Dan Black Wednesday, December 11, 2013 8:15:05 PM N-E-G-L-G-E-N-C-E......... Injury to a patient.. Never good why not treat in Same method as an Impaled object... two screws and you can load prone on the stretcher...
Robert B. Reno Robert B. Reno Wednesday, December 11, 2013 9:16:39 PM As a paramedic I have to say these guys shouldn't have tried to remove her from the toilet seat onscene. She should have been taken to the hospital with it still attached and let them remove it. I don't care what the doctor told them over the phone. The doctor wasn't there
Daniel Greco Daniel Greco Wednesday, December 11, 2013 10:38:35 PM I follow my med director...shes the one with the cert, not i. if anyone gets sued, it will be the med director.
Karen Brennick Karen Brennick Thursday, December 12, 2013 4:47:13 AM How was it not dry before she even entered the stall. If I try to use superglue anything it freakin' drys before I get the pieces together. Then I end up superglue my fingers together and to the pieces and the glue tube before I'm done..
April Greco April Greco Thursday, December 12, 2013 6:39:07 AM We get it Daniel, you know EVERYTHING lol
Bryan Goodridge Bryan Goodridge Thursday, December 12, 2013 6:57:56 AM this is BS. I'm embarrassed until I get my face on TV. I'm embarrassed until they show my rescue on TV. I am not embarrassed by criticizing those who came to help me and I can look so sorrowful on TV. Puleeez! The medics contacted medical control and did what the doctor told them to do. that is following protocol. That toilet seat would have been removed the same way in the ER as it was in the field. Since when is a little skin off you ass a serious injury? Sorry this happened to you lady but you are the one who made a fool out of yourself. While I am on a rant WTH WSB? Can't find any government corruption in City Hall to report?
John Mitchell John Mitchell Thursday, December 12, 2013 7:02:52 AM Was she humming that tune "show me the money"
Bryan Goodridge Bryan Goodridge Thursday, December 12, 2013 7:11:03 AM Daniel, I understand what you are saying but what would have been done differently in the ER other than shift the TV cameras to the local hospital? A lot is riding on the discussion between medical control and the PMs, local protocols and documentation. I've had a similar call but my patient was not looking for public sympathy. Chris W. is on to something. This could be a fraudulent set up. There could be a lot of money flying around once it's all done. She will probably claim to be traumatized every time she drives past a Home Depot.
VernonandTonya Boyd VernonandTonya Boyd Thursday, December 12, 2013 7:19:06 AM As quick as glue dries I th8nk she done this to get a law suit. No woman in rightmind does not sit on public toilet seat. And if they do, I would like to think the seat was clean. Something sounds fishy to me.
Daniel Greco Daniel Greco Thursday, December 12, 2013 7:26:04 AM Brian, it could very well be fraud, but I'm just saying why blames the medics for following orders? As stated before, theres not a protocol for this. Lol. They were probably as confused as you and I would be. They did not know what they should do, so they contacted med control who gave them the answer. At least they called for help. And April, I can have an opinion...
Dwayne Womack Dwayne Womack Thursday, December 12, 2013 5:54:25 PM This is a fabricated lawsuit. It will come out soon enough I think. I"m with you Chris W...
Dwayne Womack Dwayne Womack Thursday, December 12, 2013 6:02:27 PM Daniel Greco I'm curious why the medical director was even called? Do they call medcon before they extract someone from a vehicle, or transport someone that's been impaled, etc? Know what I mean? Are there any others in EMS that would have called and said, "We've got a women stuck on a toilet seat, what do you think we should do?" The story is sensational, but this shouldn't have provided any significant challenges for Fire/EMS.
Daniel Greco Daniel Greco Thursday, December 12, 2013 6:06:12 PM The point is they called and they were told to do it.
Dwayne Womack Dwayne Womack Thursday, December 12, 2013 6:17:35 PM Man, I get so tired of the whole, "If someone tells me to do stuff...then I do it. I'm opposed to thinking for myself when things get complicated." CYA wanker nonsense. If my Medical Director tells me to try and pull this woman off of the toilet seat (as before, I'd have never called on such a thing) using WD40, then I'm going to do what I'm morally and ethically obligated to do. I'll give it a try, after verifying with him/her that he's considered the issues of using such a chemical in this environment and on this patient, but when it's obvious that it's not going to work, which will take seconds, I'll unbolt the seat and take her to the ER. He can call me all the way to the ER and tell me to stop and pull the toilet seat off, and I'm still going to bring her to the ER. I've no idea what the glue might have done to her bottom, or what it might do in the next hours/days. Same with the solvent used to remove the seat. Having said that, I've not worked near a medical director that would act in such an irresponsible way, and I'm guessing that the one from this article is going to have some hard questions to answer. That's called patient advocacy, and real providers are obligated to consider it for each and every patient that they encounter long before they start making up 'cover my ass' stories.
Chanda Gravitt Chanda Gravitt Thursday, December 12, 2013 7:05:37 PM They were in touch with medical is that negligence when following a physician's orders?
Scott Devers Scott Devers Friday, December 13, 2013 1:10:11 AM I seldom read these kinds of comments and now I remember why. Some of you people piss me off! First of all, Daniel doctors DO NOT have a cert. They have a license! Second, Dewayne I have been a paramedic for 23 years, have been the director of 4 ambulance services, was an instructor in OKC, OK, and currently work as a street medic and the manager of our dispatch department. THE MEDICS on this call DID NOT DO ANYTHING WRONG. While YOU might not have called medical control, it was not wrong for them to do it. They had an unusual situation on their hands and one of the purposes of MC is to talk to in these situations for suggestions, advise, or orders. They are not there solely to approve medication requests. AND, what do think they were going to do at the ER that couldn't be done on scene?? Surely you are not still of the mind set that EMS's job is to get the pt to the ER as fsst as possible so they can be treated by a healthcare professional! You know, the old "load and go" way of thinking. AND, WD40 is not a caustic substance but it will desolve glue! They did not cause harm by using it. And they were in NO way negligent!! Sure... take her, toilet lid and all, to the ER was an option but what about the increased embarrassment to the pt when she is wheelef to the unit laying face down WITH A TOILET SEAT STUCK TO HER ASS!! Besides, chances are the ER would just call down to maintenance and have them bring up a can of WD40. Now... I do agree that the whole thing is possibly an attempt at getting money out of a huge multi national company, but like Dan said, none of us were there so maybe we ALL should reserve our judgement of the performance of the EMS crew until we know A LOT more about what actually happened. Myself included!!!
Russel L McCroskey Russel L McCroskey Friday, December 13, 2013 9:47:58 AM anybody else think this may just be a scam to extort money from home depot??

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