MedicCast EMS Podcast celebrates 10 years

The longest running medical and health podcast for EMS and health care providers has had more than 6 million downloads since launching in 2006

RISING SUN, Md. — The EMS Podcast from MedicCast Productions, the longest running medical and health podcast, is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

The robust and enduring EMS Podcast, which launched in February 2006 is known as an excellent podcast and resource for EMT's, paramedics, ER nurses and doctors, and other medical professionals. The show, produced each Monday covers news, commentary, tips and tricks, and much more, for EMS providers.

"I have received countless emails and messages over that the last 10 years from listeners who told me about how the show helped them pass their classes and become a better EMS provider and health care professional," said Jamie Davis, paramedic, nurse and MedicCast founder.

The MedicCast, which has had more than 6 million downloads by providers, educators and students around the world, was born from a desire to put out a show that would address a gap in the podcasting space to help EMS providers stay up to date on EMS news, topics, and training.

Davis has never looked back since launching the show. The sharing of the episodes with other EMS providers has continued to advance the show’s audience at a steady rate.

"A lot of audience members have been following the MedicCast for a long time and a few of them out there have been here since the very beginning and episode number one." David said. "The audience sends us ideas for future episodes, and come on the show as guests to share their expertise with the rest of the community. We couldn’t have come this far without their incredible support for the show. Thank you so much."

Because the reward for hardwork is success and more work, the MedicCast team has expanded their programming into other highly informative shows such as; The Nursing Show, The Disaster Podcast in partnership with Paragon Medical Education Group, and the Innovations in Patient Care podcast in partnership with Physio-Control.

The MedicCast and other medical podcasts can be accessed via iTunes, the podcast app on iOS devices, loaded on many Android podcast apps, and can be found on web radio resources like Stitcher. Find subscribe options to get free delivery every week at the MedicCast blog.

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