Former ambulance service president charged with stalking woman for 2 years

The neighbor said she quit her job and gave up gardening because of his actions

SUMMERFIELD, Fla. — The former president of a now-defunct ambulance service is accused of stalking a neighbor for two years, causing her to quit her job and give up outdoor gardening.

Darryl Moser, 71, was the head of Portalnd Ambulance Corps before it closed its doors in April 2011, reports. 

He is accused of harassing his neighbor Grace Calo, 54.

Calo told the Marion County Sheriff’s Office that Moser would leer at year while she gardened in her yard, eventually casing her to give it up. She said he would follow her around the Lowe’s store where she worked, and coworkers confirmed they would hap Calo hide from Moser when he came in. When authorities visited Moser in August 2012 to warm him about his behavior, he complained to the corporate Lowe’s office that a store manager called police on him. Calo eventually quit the job.

The sheriff’s office said Moser would also honk his horn repeatedly, around seven to 20 times, whenever he saw Calo outside her house. She began waiting down the street in her car for about an hour until her husband could drive back with her on his way home from work. They bought tinted windows for her car, and spent $1,000 in trees and shrubs to try to hinder his view, according to court documents.

Calo’s friends say she became reclusive since the alleged stalking began. Moser was not available for comment. When authorities questions him, he responded by saying “I don’t even talk to the woman.”

He was charged with a stalking misdemeanor, which is punishable by up to a year in jail. He has been released on a $5,000 bond.

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