Helmets for Snow Sports

Every Saturday during ski season, EMS1.com online director Kris Kaull takes his kids to the local downhill ski area for lessons. As a paramedic, Kris has seen the devastating consequences of skier collisions with trees, lift towers, or even other skiers. As a parent, Kris makes sure that his kids always wear ski helmets.

Does your service area include a downhill ski area? Do you participate in injury prevention efforts to encourage kids to wear ski helmets? Try some of these things to encourage helmet use:

1. Park the ambulance or fire truck at the base of the ski area on busy weekend mornings and acknowledge kids and parents who are using helmets.

2. Show off different types of helmets — firefighter, rescue, motorcycle, bicycle, and snowsports — when kids come for station tours.

3. Promote success stories that start with "it could have been a lot worse but little Johnny or Jenny was wearing a helmet" through your local media contacts.

For more information on helmets and snowsports, visit www.lidsonkids.org.

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Greg Friese is Editor-in-Chief of EMS1.com. He is an educator, author, paramedic, and marathon runner. Ask questions or submit tip ideas to Greg by e-mailing him at greg.friese@ems1.com.

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