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I saw some great products at the EMS Expo 2009 exhibit hall in Atlanta last week. Like many of you, I am returning home with a stack of business cards, a pile of brochures, and a clutch of click pens. If you saw something you liked, use these social media tips to learn more about the company and their products.

1. E-mail the vendor and ask for hyperlink(s) to customer print, audio, and video testimonials about the products that are not on the vendor’s Web site.

2. Search social media sites for comments about the vendor and their products. Start with Set-up an RSS of the Twitter search in your RSS reader.

3. Set-up a daily Google Alert e-mail for the product to find posts about the vendor and product.

4. Search the more than six billion YouTube videos for videos showing the product in use at actual incidents or during training scenarios.

5. Ask the 5,000+ EMSConnect members for their opinions and experiences by starting a discussion.

Finally, browse the archives of MedicCast and EMS Garage podcasts. These shows routinely review and discuss products. If the product you are interested in has not been reviewed or discussed, contact the show hosts and ask them to check it out.

Which products and services caught your eye? What new innovation would you like to bring to your service first?

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Greg Friese is Editor-in-Chief of He is an educator, author, paramedic, and marathon runner. Ask questions or submit tip ideas to Greg by e-mailing him at

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