Cyber Security in the Workplace

EMS professionals need to be mindful of the security of the electronic patient care reports they create and the Web sites they access for professional and personal activities. Follow these tips for cyber security in the EMS workplace:

1. Never share your passwords with co-workers. You may (and likely will) be held responsible for any actions taken with your username and password by others.

2. Always log out of any password-protected Web sites when you have finished.

3. Always say 'no' when a shared workplace or public computer Web browser asks you if you would like it to save or remember your password.

4. Password protect your personal mobile phone to prevent thieves from making calls with your phone or accessing your Web browser data on the phone.

5. Always log off and password protect your own personal laptop computer when you leave the station for a call.

What are your cyber security tips for EMS professionals?

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Greg Friese is Editor-in-Chief of He is an educator, author, paramedic, and marathon runner. Ask questions or submit tip ideas to Greg by e-mailing him at

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