Free NEMSIS Gold ePCR Software for EMS Professionals

SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. - Ambulance Information Management (AIM), a recognized national industry leader in billing software development for the EMS community, announced today that it is offering their AIM NEMSIS Gold ePCR Software free* with the purchase of AIM’s On-Site Billing Software.  EMS professionals, who take advantage of this limited time offer when they purchase AIM’s On-Site Billing Software, will not only receive the AIM NEMSIS Gold ePCR software, but will obtain their Crew, Fleet, and Membership software modules for free, as well.

AIM’s On-Site Billing Software features 5010 compliant electronic bill transmission, automatic remittance advice posting with claim status request/response, past due bill & statement generation, pending activity work management monitoring, full integration with AIM NEMSIS Gold ePCR & Membership and much more.

As a central point for all patient and trip information, NEMSIS Gold compliant AIM ePCR is designed with the field provider in mind to minimize duplicate data entry, creating clear and complete PCRs with tools to analyze trips individually and collectively for clinical, billing and quality assurance purposes. The software provides real time data entry with AIM Billing.

Additionally, AIM’s Crew software module organizes records on field personnel - Call volume, certification status, continuing education, license due alerts, track equipment issued and OSHA vaccination requirements.

Accompanying AIM’s Crew service, the Fleet software manages and tracks costs for emergency vehicles and equipment - Service history, scheduled maintenance, fuel/oil consumption, equipment repairs, and warranty information.

Finally, AIM Membership software tracks subscription drive and donation fees, family member information, mailing label printing, recurring patient call history, membership statistical and financial utilization.  The software also provides direct integration with AIM Billing.

This limited time offer is aligned with AIM’s mission to help the people that save people’s lives. AIM offers the EMS industry the very best software products and services to help manage the operations of ambulance companies - from EMS software, including electronic patient care reporting (ePCR), billing, crew, fleet, and subscriptions, to outstanding services, including support, training, web, and billing services. To take advantage of this offering, EMS professionals can call 1.800.726.4690 for details and more information.

* Some limitations apply.

About AIM Systems
AIM Software and Services celebrates over 25 years of EMS product and service delivery. It is a 100% United States privately owned company with nationwide customers; including government, private, voluntary, hospital-based and fire/police linked EMS/ambulance services. The AIM System remains a Software package focused on usability and features, made possible through a deep understanding of the EMS Industry, decades of experience in information technology, and a focus on customer service. For more information about AIM, visit

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