AIM Announces Series of Informational Whitepapers for EMS Software, ePCR, and Billing


Ambulance Information Management (AIM) Announces a complete series of Whitepapers designed to educate EMS industry Managers & Staff on the benefits and challenges of implementing EMS Software.
Topics include:
• Is On-Site EMS Software Right For You?
• Is Online EMS Software Right For You?
• Is Outsourcing EMS Billing Right For You?
• 4 Alternatives to Managing Your EMS Information
• Client/Server vs. Software as a Service
These Whitepapers are available free of charge. Get access to the full series by clicking here
About AIM:
Ambulance Information Management (AIM) offers EMS industry the very best software products and services to help manage the operations of ambulance companies - from EMS software, including electronic patient care reporting (ePCR), billing, crew, fleet, and subscriptions, to outstanding services, including support, training, web, and billing services - all available individually or in combination, either PC-installed on your equipment or Online; by purchase or affordable monthly fee.

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