Texas EMT and Paramedic Jobs





Date Submitted

Georgetown, TX City of Georgetown Firefighter/Paramedic View 10/06/2015
Victoria, TX Sacred Heart Medical Services Paramedic View 10/05/2015
Dallas, TX JohnGSelf Partners, Inc. Vice President of Strategic Business Development View 10/05/2015
Austin, TX Austin-Travis County EMS EMS Medic-I Field (All certification levels) View 09/23/2015
Austin, TX Austin-Travis County EMS EMS Medic-I Communications View 09/23/2015
Victoria, TX Coastal Care EMS EMTs and Paramedics needed! View 09/22/2015
Stephenville, TX Erath County EMS Director View 09/11/2015
Webster, TX Clear Lake Emergency Medical Corps Paramedic / EMT View 05/28/2015

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