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Streamlining medic training for vets aim of Senate bill

- 01/26/2015

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senators Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) and Mike Enzi (R-WY) renewed their efforts to help increase job opportunities for returning veterans. The senators reintroduced their bipartisan ...

5 critical lessons from Va. medic LODD investigation

- 01/22/2015

I’d like to call out this post-incident report regarding the line of duty death of a Virginia paramedic that occurred two years ago. The report is lengthy and full of details; because of ...

PSA uses toys to teach how to save a choking baby

- 01/20/2015

"The Chokables," a pen, lid, marble and princess jelly baby, are tired of being a hazard and show parents the correct way to save a choking baby in this animated public service announcement from ...

Ga. paramedic grads pass with perfect scores

- 01/18/2015

ALBANY, Ga. — With grades in for the fall semester that ended in December at Albany Technical College, Paramedic Technology students soared with all 15 students who graduated scoring 100 ...

Medics receive training on dementia patient encounters

- 01/06/2015

By Doug Schneider Press-Gazette Media GREEN BAY, Wis. — The growth in the number of older Americans is driving changes in the way that firefighters and police approach calls involving ...

How electrode placement affects ECGs

- 12/29/2014

The electrocardiogram (ECG) allows medical personnel to both monitor the electrical signals produced by the heart and interpret their meaning. The quality and accuracy of the prehospital ECG ...

Why the medic hiring boom-bust cycle continues

- 12/23/2014

Like most health care positions, securing a paramedic position is a cyclical event. It seems like every decade or so we swing from feast to famine, then back to feast again. Trying to get hired ...

How EMS can help end distracted driving in 2015

- 12/20/2014

I am sure you know distracted driving is dangerous and puts you at greater risk of a collision. In a recent survey 98 percent of respondents reported knowing that texting and driving is dangerous. ...

Fla. county limits use of rigid backboards

- 12/12/2014

Patients will be placed on a padded stretcher for spinal spinal immobilization; Palm Beach County Fire Rescue is one of the first agencies in the state to make the policy change

Fla. county limits use of rigid backboards

- 12/12/2014

WPTV WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Palm Beach County Fire Rescue just became one of the first agencies in the state to stop the use of rigid backboards for spinal immobilization. If you’re ...

Remember 2 Things: Legal marijuana use still has consequences

- 12/11/2014

Steve Whitehead reminds us that marijuana is illegal in most states and if an agency prohibits it, EMTs can be disciplined even when using in a state where it's allowed.

Latinos don’t call 911 for cardiac arrest out of fear of police, study says

- 12/09/2014

WASHINGTON — Fear of police, language barriers, lack of knowledge of cardiac arrest symptoms and financial concerns prevent Latinos – particularly those of lower socioeconomic status ...

Which artery do you choose for taking a pulse in a medical emergency?

- 12/09/2014

In a conscious adult, the radial artery is the preferred pulse point, for a number of reasons: 1. It's less invasive. Before you put your hands on someone's neck, you need to establish ...

Leading Type 1 diabetes doctor predicts cure in next 7 years

- 12/07/2014

By Katie Lepri Miami Herald MIAMI, Fla. — Dr. Camillo Ricordi considers himself a diabetes freedom fighter. Ricordi, the director of the Diabetes Research Institute at the University ...

ALS for cardiac arrest linked to more deaths, study finds

- 12/04/2014

PBS Emergency treatments delivered in ambulances that offer “Advanced Life Support” for cardiac arrest may be linked to more death, comas and brain damage than those providing ...

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