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High school student's 'dope spin' on the circulatory system

- 02/08/2016

A student shared this video on Facebook of a classmate's spin on the circulatory system.

What is depression?

- 01/09/2016

This short TED video examines the symptoms and treatments of depression, and gives some tips for how you might help a friend who is suffering. When an EMT or paramedic is in distress and suffering ...

Cops trained by medics to stop bleeding save wounded man

- 12/28/2015

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Police officers, trained by the Metropolitan Emergency Medical Services, saved a wounded man own using a chest seal from a trauma kit funded by an Arkansas Trauma System ...

Frequent Flyers: Ambulance history with Capt. Salty

- 12/06/2015

See all of Lenwood Brown's comics.

IV set-up is as easy as ABCDEFG

- 12/02/2015

Check out these intravenous access set-up tips from the Paramedic Project. And if you are having trouble with starting IVs forget the Hail Mary tactic of 'poke and pray' by knowing and using ...

EMS volunteer shortage explored by Neb. lawmakers

- 10/03/2015

By Grant Schulte Associated Press LINCOLN, Neb. — Nebraska lawmakers are looking for ways to bolster the state's rural emergency medical services, which providers said Friday rely ...

EMS competence and confidence comes from constantly learning

- 08/11/2015

“He’s a good kid, but he just freezes whenever he’s asked to run the call. Got good grades in school, proficient in all his skills, but he just can’t seem to put it all ...

Listen: Fla. responders wage war on heroin overdoses

- 08/05/2015

To combat the heroin epidemic, firefighters developed "your life matters" cards with help line numbers for addicts they treat

Listen: Fla. responders wage war on heroin overdoses

- 08/05/2015

By National Public Radio MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. — MELISSA BLOCK, HOST: We're going to hear now from a county in Florida that, like many places around the country, has seen a dramatic ...

Usher 'Yeah' parody promotes hands-only CPR

- 07/13/2015

The video CLEAR!, a parody to the Usher song "Yeah" promotes CPR and using an AED to save lives.

Mo. FD gives full scholarships for paramedic school

- 07/13/2015

The Kansas City (Mo.) Fire Department has invested $25,000 in scholarships to attend paramedic school, and is targeting minority students to diversify its team

Mo. FD gives full scholarships for paramedic school

- 07/13/2015 KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kansas City Fire Department is investing $25,000 to diversify their team. It is giving college students a shot at lifesaving careers while the department ...

Mass. medics pen children's book

- 06/01/2015

By Judy Wakefield The Eagle-Tribune ANDOVER, Mass. — When emergency responders are called to help a child, it usually means something bad has happened. The experience can be frightening ...

Why paramedics are qualified emergency care providers

- 05/06/2015

By Scot Phelps There are currently bills before the both houses of the Texas State Legislature which would permit paramedics to work in the emergency department directly under the guidance ...

10 tips to make sure you succeed on the NREMT exam

- 04/16/2015

Successful EMT and paramedic students apply these tips on the first day of the class and eventually use them as EMS professionals

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