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by The Reluctant Medic

I’m writing this between calls. I suppose you could say it’s a journal. All I know is I’ve been keeping track of things that happen to me in EMS ever since I got started. That was back in the ‘80s, before we wore gloves or sunglasses. I still can’t believe I’ve been in EMS that long. If not for one big misunderstanding and lots of luck, I never would have made it this far. The folks at EMS1 have asked me to tell you about my questionable, mysterious past. My first thought was, cool, I’m an author. Then I remembered some of the problems I’ve had writing – things like job applications, birthday cards, even shopping lists. I figured I better keep my name out of this until I get a little more comfortable with adjectives and subjectives. Meanwhile, just call me The Reluctant Medic.

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Saturday, August 29, 2015
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