First Responder Philosophy for EMS

You and your crew respond every day to potentially dangerous calls. The First Responder Philosophy supplies a systematic approach for responding to all calls that balances the need to help others while keeping you safe. It is also designed to assist in report writing and incident debriefing.

Presented by:
Peter Jaskulski
Captain/Training Director — Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office
Assistant Fire Chief — Hales Corners Fire Department


Training Bullet Points:

  • 1. Arrive
  • 2. Assess
  • 3. Alarm
  • 4. Evaluate
  • 5. Enter
  • 6. Stabilize
  • 7. Initial Medical Assessment
  • 8. Long Term Monitoring
  • 9. Communication
  • 10. Documentation/Debriefing

About the author

Captain Peter Jaskulski holds certifications as an instructor trainer for the State of Wisconsin Department of Justice in the areas of defensive and arrest tactics and principles of subject control. He also holds training certifications in the areas of firearms, Correctional Emergency Response Team (CERT) training and active counter measure for tactical teams. He is a member of the Hales Corners Fire Department where he holds the rank of assistant chief and EMT.

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