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The EKGClub is home of all things cardiac. Our international expert panel of EKG gurus has been assembled from a diverse array of experience and backgrounds. We live and breathe EKGs and are proud to be called "EKG Nerds" and hope that you will come to love this electrical "window on the heart" as much as we do. No matter where you are on the cardiac care and EKG spectrum – novice to expert – we hope you will find the information at the EKG Club to be informative, educational and fun. Welcome aboard. The EKGClub.com is now partnering with the leading online EMS resource and will pay you for submitting EKG based cases. Expert writing skills are not necessary to submit a case, we provide the editing and formatting for you. Earn money for submitting a case to our expert panel who will review cases for publication in a FREE online forum. For more information or to submit your case, write to:  EKGcase@ems1.com.

EKG Club Panel:

Gene Gandy - Paramedic – USA
Gene has been a paramedic for 26 years and active as both a street provider and EMS educator since 1975. He has a special interest in cardiology for street medics and has recently moved from Texas to Tucson, Ariz., to concentrate on writing for publication on a wide variety of EMS topics.

Jon Kavanagh – Paramedic – USA
Jon has been in emergency services as an EMT and firefighter for more than 10 years. He works as a paramedic for a private service and serves as the EMS Coordinator for a volunteer fire department. Jon has a keen interest in the rational understanding, interpretation and application of EKGs in a wide range of environments and is on a mission to ensure that all medical personnel see the value of a comprehensive understanding of EKGs.

Gustavo Flores – Paramedic/Medical Student - Puerto Rico
Gustavo has been in EMS as a first responder, EMT and paramedic for 10 years in Puerto Rico. He is a BLS, ACLS and PALS instructor, enjoys lecturing on arrhythmia interpretation, and is currently finishing a medical degree with the aim of pursuing advanced training in emergency medicine.

Dr. Paul Bailey – Emergency Physician – Australia
Paul is an academic emergency physician in Perth, Western Australia. He holds the dual positions of senior lecturer in emergency medicine, University of Western Australia and deputy medical director of his Emergency Department, a mixed adult/pediatric urban department seeing 55,000 patients per year. Paul has a keen interest in the rational application of clinical evidence to everyday practice, and in systems redesign.

Jason Kinley – Paramedic – USA
Currently, Jason is a lieutenant with a fire-based EMS delivery system. He has been a paramedic for 15 years and an EMS instructor for the past 10 years. Jason serves on the State of Ohio Trauma Committee and is president of the Greater Miami Valley EMS Council which serves a 10-county region and 125 agencies. Jason enjoys teaching both basic and advanced level ECG classes to local fire and EMS professionals.

Andrew Bowman – Paramedic/Nurse - USA
Andrew has been a paramedic in Indiana for 25 years and has been an emergency department nurse in Indiana for 16 years. He has worked in a diverse range of environments and has just completed his masters degree in nursing and is now an acute care nurse practitioner in an emergency department in Indiana. He instructs multiple courses including ACLS, PALS, TNCC, ENPC, CATN-II, BTLS and PPC. He also instructs courses in 12-lead EKG interpretation directed towards pre-hospital care providers and emergency department nurses.

Nick Nudell – Paramedic/Field Clinical Engineer –USA
Nick began his EMS career as a volunteer first responder in a remote Montana town. He then moved on to provide critical care services across a large part of that state while also working at the local Critical Access Hospital. Nick moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, where he also worked in pre-hospital and hospital patient care positions while teaching ACLS, PALS, NRP, PHTLS and EKG courses for a high volume AHA training center. After several years in system oversight and engineering roles, he now works for a medical device manufacturer coordinating clinical research for an implantable ischemia detection device and continues to share his passion for a good EKG case study.

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