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Survey: 75 percent of Pa. county's ambulance companies are losing money

- 02/03/2016

Most companies can't bill for one out of four calls.

Survey: 75 percent of Pa. county's ambulance companies are losing money

- 02/03/2016

By Paul Van Osdol Action News 4 ROSS TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Whether it's a cup of tea or a car wreck, ambulance companies will respond when 911 calls them out. Action News Investigates ...

Nebraska officials urged to implement Next Generation 911

- 02/02/2016

By Grant Schulte Associated Press LINCOLN, Neb. — Nebraska lawmakers could lay the groundwork this year for statewide 911 services with the ability to receive video and photos from ...

911 dispatcher helps snowbound father deliver baby

- 01/25/2016

Associated Press WASHINGTON — The massive snowstorm that kept most of the Mid-Atlantic at home also snowed in a Virginia midwife, leaving an emergency dispatcher to walk her husband ...

DC dispatcher sends BLS ambulance instead of an ALS unit for a cardiac arrest patient

- 01/21/2016

WASHINGTON — A dispatcher's decision to send a BLS unit to a call for a man down instead of an ALS unit is being questioned. FOX 5 reported police found a man on the street who was ...

Dad crashes car, dies driving pregnant wife to hospital

- 01/18/2016

Police say Tony Schmucker, 37, had a medical emergency causing him to veer off the road

Dad crashes car, dies driving pregnant wife to hospital

- 01/18/2016

9 News BELLVUE, Colo. — A father, driving his pregnant wife to the hospital, crashed the family car and died before seeing his third child's birth. Jill Schmucker, 35, was in ...

Dispatcher ignores 911 call to finish pizza order

- 01/15/2016

By Brittany Wallman Sun Sentinel FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — When a young man passed out at a Fort Lauderdale optometrist office in September, an employee dialed 911 for help. But instead ...

Inappropriate 'emergency' calls

- 01/12/2016

The West Midlands Ambulance Service shared two examples of inappropriate calls to an emergency service.

Deaf woman’s texts to 911 go viral

- 01/08/2016

ALPHARETTA, Ga. — The Alpharetta Department of Public Safety shared a screenshot of an actual text exchange between a 911 dispatcher and a woman who needed help. The post quickly went viral. The ...

Washington state wants $11.5M fine for 911 outage

- 01/08/2016

Associated Press SEATTLE — Washington state's attorney general says he wants a telecommunications company to pay the maximum fine — $11.5 million — for an outage that ...

911 audio: Scouts report bear mauling their leader

- 12/31/2015

ROCKAWAY TOWNSHIP, N.J. — For the first time, 911 calls have been released of a scout leader who got mauled by a bear in New Jersey. The wild animal dragged 50-year-old Scout Master Chris ...

911 audio: Scouts report bear mauling their leader

- 12/30/2015

The boys calmly talked to dispatchers about their leader's injuries and need for medical attention

Daughter cancels ambulance call for her 'dead' mom, actually 'just drunk'

- 12/29/2015

MANCHESTER, England — A woman who requested an ambulance for her ‘dead’ mother was surprised when she woke up, apparently merely intoxicated. The emergency call to GMP Radcliffe ...

Off-duty 911 dispatcher dies in Texas tornado

- 12/29/2015

MCKINNEY, Texas — Collin County Sheriff’s Office dispatcher LaShondra “Shon” Whitaker, 32, was one the eight people killed in tornado-related traffic accidents near Dallas ...

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